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Helping organisations manage their temporary staffing requirements

NL Managed Services redefines and manages your contingent supply chain to deliver your organisation cost savings, quality improvements and productivity gains, using our unique service and technology combined to produce outstanding measurable results.


service Benefits


Improved Efficiency

Our range of Vendor Management Solutions enables your organisation to improve operational efficiency by providing a single relationship with NL Managed Services, fulfilling the role of a neutral vendor. We analyse, create and manage your panel of secondary agencies, their contracts, SLA’s and their billing.

Reduced Costs

Obtain savings upwards of £190K for every 1m of your contingent locum spend through various channels, including rate optimisation and standardisation across multiple Trusts, operational overhead reduction, statutory break policies and efficient workflow, including billing accuracy and wastage reduction.

Enhanced Compliance

Our neutral vendor management solutions ensure compliance through fully audited candidate compliance management, monitoring and enforcement. Checks on document validity and expiry are managed autonomously by the application using PRI (Public Record Intelligence) and directly between supplier and candidate.

Complete Control & Visibility

Client and product level data and process configuration allowing tight configuration to your existing processes including break policies, cost centres and induction requirements. Report on your entire supply chain, instantly and in real-time with feature-rich dashboards and reports.


Interested in becoming a supplier?

We work with hundreds of recruitment agencies, delivering managed recruitment services to public and private sector clients throughout the UK, why not join us, register your interest today.

National Frameworks

We have secured places on all major, national staffing/technology frameworks in support of our supply chain.


We are proud of the accreditations, affiliations we have earned and in which we participate. In each instance, the badges represent documented best practices and independent third-party assessments that affirm our organisation’s commitment to excellence.  

Our clients and stakeholders can be assured that NL Managed Services set the bar high and consistently challenge ourselves to achieve ever higher standards of excellence.

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