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Temporary Staffing Vacancy Distribution

Vacancy distribution

Does this sound familiar?

You need one or more temporary workers, so you write an email detailing what you need, you dig out an old supplier email distribution list, if your lucky and send it. You are then flooded with inappropriate, messy, unorganised emails, CV's, professionals references and "eek" sensitive documents in relation to candidates.

You are then expected to sift through them all and find what your looking for. Only then you discover you have no charge or pay rate information.

There is a better way...

Vacancies in Infinitemp are a hiring managers dream:

  • Vacancy templates can be triggered in seconds, just complete the dates required
  • Have a complicated shift based vacancy, no problem, our visual shift pattern creator helps build these rota's in seconds.
  • Preconfigured rules deliver your job/vacancy requested to only the suppliers that can assist
  • The vacancy is matched against all the talent pools belonging to your supply chain in seconds
  • Suppliers can assign candidates that match: role, speciality, grade, experience and training, compliance, availability and previous supply
  • All rates are pre-configured into Infinitemp, so you only get offered within set parameters, if these need to be escalated, a unique approval process kicks in
  • You can visually see all tiers, offers, withdraws, cancellations, no need to call round suppliers of sift through emails
  • Find the candidate you want, its a single click to create a full assignment and deliver it to the Supplier and Candidate, we even include induction details, should they need one.

What is Infinitemp?

A single web-based solution for temporary resource management that works for any staff groups and staffbank models. Facilitates reduced expenditure on temporary staff and administration, optimises financial control; governance; approvals and process efficiency throughout the temporary worker lifecycle. 

Fully automated vacancy distribution to your chosen supplier network plus all proceeding workflow including, but not limited to: offers, assignments, e-timesheets, invoicing, self-billing, evidenced compliance and restrictions. Infinitemp provides a wealth of new information, designed to allow you to make better-informed decisions via real-time analytics.

Ability to also manage, maintain and develop internal staffbanks.

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