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Amazing Assignments for Temporary Staffing

Assignments done amazingly well

Producing, distributing and getting agreement to confirmed bookings (assignments) can be a logistical nightmare. Not to mention fraught with inaccuracies, which all increases risk of litigation.

Infinitemp removes that worry, right from the point of a candidate being approved and accepted on a vacancy, the assignment is slick, automated and always accurate... here's how we do it:

  • An assignment is a full record of the entire offer: Rates, Dates, Profile Info, Approvals, Activity at the point of booking
  • We also capture and archive a copy of all compliance document at that point in time
  • We save all documents indefiently so you dont have to
  • We distribute beautiful email copies of assignment confirmations to both suppliers and candidates
  • you always have a record and you can check on rates, dates and all activity whenever you like
  • We even allow you to make finite edits to assignments, such as extend or shorten the date range in case, well, stuff happens
  • You can also cancel assignments, notifying all parties in a couple of clicks
  • Amazed? wait till you see it


What is Infinitemp?

A single web-based solution for temporary resource management that works for any staff groups and staffbank models. Facilitates reduced expenditure on temporary staff and administration, optimises financial control; governance; approvals and process efficiency throughout the temporary worker lifecycle. 

Fully automated vacancy distribution to your chosen supplier network plus all proceeding workflow including, but not limited to: offers, assignments, e-timesheets, invoicing, self-billing, evidenced compliance and restrictions. Infinitemp provides a wealth of new information, designed to allow you to make better-informed decisions via real-time analytics.

Ability to also manage, maintain and develop internal staffbanks.

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