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Unified Candidate Profile - A wonder for multi supplier arrangements

A Candidate Profile which is a revelation!

A major problematic factor within the NHS and other large organisations whether public or private sector is reporting are differentiating the same candidate represented by different suppliers, or dual registration as its often referred. 

We have solved this issue! Infinitemp is the first system with a single, unified candidate profile which contains multiple supplier compliance profiles controlled by it. So regardless of how complex your supply chain is or how many suppliers you use, you get a single version of all candidate info and clear, concise and wholly separate supplier representations.

The Infinitemp candidate profile also provides many other unique benefits not mirrored by our peers, these are:

  • Full candidate profile info, including avatar (visual identity on the roll call for both health and safest and fire safety is a must and quite often missed.
  • Identification and Eligibility documents are paramount; therefore we maintain visual copies of these for your scrutiny, we track the expiry and chase both Supplier and candidate when they are approaching expiration.
  • We allow candidates to maintain separate and detailed job profiles so that they can match their qualifications, skills and experience to jobs sourced from different suppliers. We also manage StaffBank job profiles, in the same manner, meaning you're never going to ask for, or accidentally get offered a radiologist when you need radiography or from a supplier, you don't wish to use.
  • You could have a candidate registered with five agencies, each of which they source different work, in different areas of the country. That's no problem for us, you still only have a single candidate profile. You just have five separately managed compliance profiles belonging to each of the suppliers. We never allow suppliers to access, view or share other suppliers compliance profiles, no no no.
  • Availability is again tracked across all suppliers, allowing Infinitemp to give the most accurate and detailed version of defacto availability for a candidate. As we also know when a candidate is on shift we lock the availability calendar when a candidate is working or committed elsewhere in Infinitemp, so no more getting offered candidates that are genuinely not available.
  • Payments to locums and contractors have changed immensely over the last few months, with the changes in IR35. So we maintain a clear and validated payment profile for each candidate. We pull data directly from Companies House for those outside IR35 and maintain Umbrella and PAYE for those inside. We even certify that bank account details are correct and bonafide.
  • Finally, you never want a candidate that has been restricted, whether that be via a local HPAN, DBS or professional registration alert. It might even be a domestic personality clash. Infinitemp allows you to search and set restrictions on many levels, locally or globally. So a restricted worker will never be accidentally be offered forward by a supplier or selected by a work hirer, safety is our middle name.

Once again, it just works beautifully...

What is Infinitemp?

A single web-based solution for temporary resource management that works for any staff groups and staffbank models. Facilitates reduced expenditure on temporary staff and administration, optimises financial control; governance; approvals and process efficiency throughout the temporary worker lifecycle. 

Fully automated vacancy distribution to your chosen supplier network plus all proceeding workflow including, but not limited to: offers, assignments, e-timesheets, invoicing, self-billing, evidenced compliance and restrictions. Infinitemp provides a wealth of new information, designed to allow you to make better-informed decisions via real-time analytics.

Ability to also manage, maintain and develop internal staffbanks.

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