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If you continue to base your processes on paper timesheets, hang your head in shame! OK, it's not that bad, but it's pretty inefficient and not to mention harmful to the environment!

Let us show you an alternative to using, signing and quite often losing paper timesheets for your temporary workforce. The e-timesheet process within the Infinitemp platform is a wonder to use and experience, best of all its paper-free, efficient, accurate and easy to use.

Check out all the benefits below.


  • Only exist on the days where a pre-authorised vacancy (job/order) exists, reducing abuse and miss-claims.
  • Are pre-completed pulling start and end data from the shift pattern, workers merely confirm, amend where necessary and submit.
  • Are fully itemised, so that workers understand what they are claiming for, reducing errors and mistakes.
  • Before approval, can be withdrawn by workers so that corrections can be made, after all, we all make them.
  • Have EWTD break deductions (or other break policies you configure) automatically deducted from each shift, if a worker needs to claim this break due to it being worked, this goes through its own approval mechanism, reasons, and authorisers are collected from the worker.
  • Highlight any amends using a clear RAG status, whether its above, below or spot on.
  • Collect reasons for non-claiming such as absence, or sickness.
  • Can be re-routed automatically for approval or approved automatically (within tolerances) if they match the initially approved vacancy (job/order).
  • Can be approved by timesheet-approvers in bulk.
  • Are segmented into work duties, departments etc., so only the timesheet approvers see their own timesheets and not the entire organisations unless you want it that way of course.
  • Allow you to maintain an electronic log of every single timesheet and time claim and the activity surrounding that claim making audit and query resolution quick and easy.
  • Approvers can also withdraw approvals if done so before workers are invoiced.
  • Track every approval/rejection, with quantitive and qualitative reasons for MI and analysis.
  • Can be tracked in infinitemp with a visual graph detailing the exact status of each and every timesheet in the system in real-time.
  • Are automatically reminded by the system with a series of email, in-app and push notifications reminding workers to claim within you set tolerances.
  • Can be optionally set to expire within a given date range of your choice automatically.

What is Infinitemp?

A single web-based solution for temporary resource management that works for any staff groups and staffbank models. Facilitates reduced expenditure on temporary staff and administration, optimises financial control; governance; approvals and process efficiency throughout the temporary worker lifecycle. 

Fully automated vacancy distribution to your chosen supplier network plus all proceeding workflow including, but not limited to: offers, assignments, e-timesheets, invoicing, self-billing, evidenced compliance and restrictions. Infinitemp provides a wealth of new information, designed to allow you to make better-informed decisions via real-time analytics.

Infinitemp also provides the ability to manage, maintain and develop your internal staffbanks.

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