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Get visibility and control over your temporary staffing


Its no secret that our new temporary worker platform, Infinitemp can save you money on your temporary worker bill, but did you know it also gives you complete visibility of the entire supply chain along with the ability to report on it in realtime. 

Our Dashboard for example, enables the following:

  • Segregation of duties and work for large organisations, you control who sees what
  • Aggregated statistics from across your supply chain in one neat, tidy place
  • Unique omni search field for finding any record or transaction, fast
  • Worker roll call for this week and next week
  • 12 month graph showing vacancy by staff group throughout the year
  • Key decision making points, highlighting workflow that requires each user specific actions
  • Full timesheet status breakdown
  • Realtime financial breakdown of costs and accrual


What is Infinitemp?

A single web-based solution for temporary resource management that works for any staff groups and staffbank models. Facilitates reduced expenditure on temporary staff and administration, optimises financial control; governance; approvals and process efficiency throughout the temporary worker lifecycle. 

Fully automated vacancy distribution to your chosen supplier network plus all proceeding workflow including, but not limited to: offers, assignments, e-timesheets, invoicing, self-billing, evidenced compliance and restrictions. Infinitemp provides a wealth of new information, designed to allow you to make better-informed decisions via real-time analytics.

Ability to also manage, maintain and develop internal staffbanks.




Operations Director at NL Group Limited & NL Managed Services also the proud farther of the Infinitemp, temporary workforce management platform.

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