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Infinitemp Feature List

We have invested heavily to build a bespoke contingent staffing, complete Procure-to-Pay cloud application for managing your contingent workforce, including internal staff banks, we have done this so you don't have to.

Designed to give clients total visibility and control over spend and compliance using end-to-end processes which include:

  • E-timesheet approval and rejection protocols
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Real-time reporting, management information, and financial accruals.
  • Candidate restrictions
  • Internal StaffBank management
  • Plus much much more
  • Full segregation of duties, including approval mechanisms
  • Automated vacancy distribution, tiering and protected response times
  • Candidate offering, assessment, and selection,
  • Fully audited candidate compliance screening
  • Compliance document management, monitoring, and enforcement

All via our platform, one place to manage EVERYTHING from ALL SUPPLIERS, best of all its FREE, coming at no capital cost to our clients or suppliers.


Management information

Provided in real time, across your entire supply chain, no matter how many suppliers:

  • Vacancy, assignment, timesheet and financial data across all suppliers in a single place
  • Realtime visual usage metrics
  • Guided workflow, highlights what work needs your attention to progress
  • Realtime roll call statistics
  • Dashboard filters allow large clients to segment data to specific locations, sites or departments
  • Navigate to any task right from the dashboard
  • Universal search, find anything "Google style" from a single search field.

Candidate Profile

Candidates manage a simple yet powerful online profile consisting of:

  • Candidate profile data
  • Base compliance documentation (ID, RTW and Eligibility)
  • Job profiles, matching them to vacancies based on many factors: Grade, Skills, Experience and Availability
  • HMRC and Companies House compliant financial registration and data handling
  • Dynamic availability calendar across all supplier connections
  • Automatic professional registration checks including HPAN alert monitoring.
  • Secure communication channel between candidate and assessing clinician

Supplier KPI and Vacancy management

From vacancy distribution to invoicing, our platform manages all supplier engagement via a single, secure and easily accessible platform:

  • Instant and automatic distribution of vacancies following your exact tiering rules, all activity monitored providing rich key performance indicator controls.
  • All vacancy movement is tracked, providing you detailed visual MI on supplier performance in real-time.
  • No more phone calls, emailing, faxing, printing  or dealing with unsecured email attachments
  • We store all documentation used on each vacancy for a minimum of 7 years so you are protected and audit ready at any point.

Candidate compliance

No promises, just plain hard evidence of every compliance/screening document, captured, monitored and tracked for expiry for each and every booking. Encrypted and stored securely in the cloud.

No more receiving emailed CV's, documents or files, no faxing, phone calls or attachments, in fact, no paper at all.

Seek higher approval on any candidate at the touch of a button and the system takes care of the rest, notifying you of approval or otherwise including feedback from your approver.

You just won't believe how slick reviewing, selecting and booking candidates is, you will wonder how you ever managed before!

We even detail if a candidate (following your specific rule) will need a new or refreshed induction for the assignment.

Candidate matching

Our complex algorithms allow suppliers to match candidates in a single click, matching fully compliant candidates in seconds resulting in offers to clients in less than 1 hour in 74% of the time:

  • Non-compliant candidates cannot be accidentally offered
  • Professional registration checks are automatic and at point of offer
  • Availability checks are realtime
  • Previous assignments data, feedback and restrictions are all taken into account.
  • Candidates cannot be double booked and pullouts are monitored, reported and used in future candidate matching

Candidate offering & rate controls

Our unique rate matrices control all rates and offers, any escalation above this are flagged for review, negotiation and where applicable NHSi compliant approval processes.

All offers are transparent and clear detailing all aspects of pay, fees, commission and VAT where appropriate.

our unique vacancies can handle up to 10 individual times-based rates which are automatically applied in accordance with the time of day/night or even bank holiday.

We can also process paycode (no rate identified) and unit based vacancies and timesheets for ultimate flexibility.

Feedback on unacceptable offers is built into the selection process, clients comments are supplied directly back to the supplier and logged for KPI purposes.

Always be Audit ready 

The activity log is a chronological list of all activity on and account, profile, transaction, timesheet etc. 

The activity log tracks and monitors everything, logging it automatically, even including what data was before it changed so for ISO 9001 and 27001 and any activity based audit, you are covered! 

We even capture which user committed the change, or approved a transaction or updated some details, when they did it, when and if a reason is required what it was.

You can search and filter the activity log easily to find related activities or maybe activities of a certain type or related to a particular transaction.


Our timesheets are smart; they manage all time-based rate change calculations, including your specific EWTD break calculations a key source to reducing administration, errors and cost savings.

Our timesheets are beautifully clear, fully detailed and a joy to read and process. Clear RAG statuses illustrate those timesheets exceeding or matching the original order for quick and easy decision making. While timesheets which have been amended to be a greater cost are flagged and reasons why clearly displayed to the approver.

Timesheets are only ever paid when approved, placing this decision point beofre invoicing reduces financial errors and administration by up to 98%.

Accurate invoicing

Client Invoice.png

Be invoiced "your way," whether you opt to have your invoices produced one-for-one or consolidated to a frequency you want, it's entirely up to you.

Our invoices also go further than any framework requirement regarding detail and clarity, broken out by rate and detailing all fees.

Accurate, clear and delivered with a backing data file ready for your to upload directly to your accounts package, so no manual entry required.

Pre-Audited Supplier Network

We have a nationwide network of 45+ audited, framework suppliers ready and waiting to support you and your existing agency relationships and its growing every day.

We administer our core supplier network on a daily basis, reacting to your ongoing requirements, peaks, and troughs in demand so that your desired fill rate and level of choice are not only met but exceeded.

Our network (within healthcare especially) is proven to deliver a combined fill rate of 95%, with 74% first offers within an hour and an invoice accuracy rate of 99.8%.

Whether you choose to instruct your own agency panel or use ours, or choose a sweet spot and have a mixture of the two, that's entirely up to you.

Not forgetting our ability to create tiered rules with protected lead times for specific tiers, giving you the ability to create exactly the right environment to suit your needs.




Get visibility and control over your contingent workforce and reduce your temporary staffing costs today, complete an online enquiry, or speak to a member of our team today on 01482 606 040 (Option 2).