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Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

How does the NLG RPO model work?
We revolutionise the way temporary staff are managed within the health and care sector. Service agreements include standard pay and charge rates as well as key performance indicators so agencies compete on performance and quality of staff rather than price. We help our clients to optimise their relationships with those recruitment agencies. Continuously adding value, reducing costs and improving standards are our watchwords. NLG RPO streamlines invoicing and timesheet management, creating visibility and control of vital management information and ensuring full legal compliance.

Our web platform, Infinitemp®, removes the need for paper records thereby reducing the burden and cost of administration and allowing clients to refocus their time and energy on other parts of their business. Infinitemp® improves compliance and produces a wealth of clear management information to help boost an organisation’s performance. As industry leaders we understand the problems you may encounter managing your non-permanent staff.

How quickly am I paid?

The Client and your agency both use our unified booking and billing platform, Infinitemp®, so when your timesheet is approved, payment is processed the following working day and paid to you by same day transfer so we are often quicker than your agency currently pay you. We operate daily pay runs, so irrespective when timesheets are approved, we will process the following working day.

Where can I get an Infinitemp® timesheet?

The majority of Trusts using the platform use electronic timesheets within Infinitemp® which are easier, quicker and more accurate. However if your Trust requires you to use a manual timesheet, which we call “Service Declarations”, you can download a blank service declaration from our website (just search “timesheet”).

Who approves my timesheet?

When you create and submit an electronic timesheet in Infinitemp®, the platform knows exactly who the relevant authoriser of your shift should be and routes it to them for approval. Once approved this is immediately made available to us here at NLG RPO so that we may process it and have funds to you the following weekday by same day transfer. Your agency will see these timesheets in Infinitemp®, you do not need to send them a copy.


We are proud of the accreditations, affiliations we have earned and in which we participate. In each instance, the badges represent documented best practices and independent third-party assessments that affirm our organisation’s commitment to excellence.

Our clients and stakeholders can be assured that NLG RPO set the bar high and consistently challenge ourselves to achieve ever higher standards of excellence.

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